Bismon: who we are?

Welcome to Bismon, your trusted partner that helps you managing your business.

We offer accounting and tax consulting services as well as other support services to help companies and professionals making the best decisions.

Our mission is to provide a solid foundation and comprehensive services to enable entrepreneurs to navigate with confidence within the Portuguese accounting, business and tax environment. Our accountants located in Lisbon have extensive knowledge and expertise, whose focus is to provide personalized services to each client.

Our approach:

At Bismon we believe in building strong and long-term relationships with our clients. In addition, we take time to understand each client's business and specific needs, so that we can offer customized solutions that could leverage its success.

Our approach is characterized by professionalism, integrity, and a commitment to providing exceptional services. Confidentiality is also extremely import for us. Therefore, we follow strict security and privacy rules.

Bismon: who we are?
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Rua Vasco Santana, nº 2 - 3º F,
2620-362 Ramada, Portugal